Work smarter, not harder!

You are making the effort to go to networking events and get connected with people, make sure you have processes in place to actually nurture those relationships!

I created this Google Form Template that you can use!

Make it your own for the information you want to keep track of!


Easy Input: Capture contact names, phone numbers, emails, industries, notes, and even attach business cards directly in the form.

Automated Organization: Information is automatically transmitted to a Google Sheets spreadsheet for seamless reference and management.

Custom Rolodex: Create your personalized networking CRM to build and maintain meaningful connections without mixing them with your sales CRM.

Automation Ready: Integrate with Zapier to automate follow-up emails and stay connected with your contacts effortlessly.

Internal Use Only: This form is designed for internal use only. It is not intended to be sent out to your contacts. Instead, you will use it to fill in and organize contact information yourself, keeping your networking details private and secure.

How It Works:

1) Purchase and download the Google Form Template.

2) Customize the form with your branding if desired.

3) Start using the form to collect and organize your networking contacts.

4) Automatically sync the information to Google Sheets for easy reference.

5) Optionally, integrate with Zapier for automated follow-up emails.

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